5 Major Advantages Of Running A Webinar

There are several benefits to running a webinar. If you want to generate leads and sales then a webinar usually delivers very high conversion rates. A good webinar will convert at around 20% while other marketing methods will only achieve 1 – 5% conversions. Here are 5 major reasons why you should run webinars:

It will Save you Time and Money

Your webinar participants will watch the webinar from their home or office. This removes the inconvenience of travel for the participants and also for the organizer. Indeed, you can subtract logistics and event costs from the equation. 

Participants can come from different countries in the world, which is much more difficult to achieve with a physical event. This opens up to a much larger target, offering a much wider possibility of visibility. 

You can Interact with your Audience

Interactivity is increased during a webinar, as participants can very easily ask questions via a chat or comments system. Thus, the speaker can see the questions scroll, and deal with them according to their relevance. 

Some tools also allow the speaker to ask a question in the form of a poll, seeing the answers displayed live. Thus, a real relationship is established between the speaker and the webinar participant. Participants feel more invested, more interested, because you are taking into account their opinions and comments directly.

You can get Precise Metrics about your Webinars

You can see precise statistics on each of your webinar events. It is possible to know the exact number of participants, the time they spent on the webinar, their commitment, their interest in a particular product or service, where they came from and so on. This is very good information for you to use to improve future webinars that you run.

Live Content is always Popular

People like live events and they will be happy to attend your webinar to learn something new. You can also record your webinar and use this recording to generate more interest in your products and services.

You can share the replay after your webinar event on your website and via your social channels. Not everyone that registered will have been able to attend the live event so watching the replay is the next best thing.

Generate Leads and Sales

Once you have delivered value in your webinar you can pitch a related offer to the attendees. If you have done a good job so far and are prepared to answer any questions your attendees have then they will be more inclined to purchase your offer.

Not everyone is going to purchase during the live event so you can follow up with all the people that registered for your webinar using email marketing afterwards. Send them a link to the replay in your emails so that they can watch it if they missed the live event.

There are many service providers offering webinar platforms with all of the features and tools that you need to run a successful webinar. If you plan your webinar properly and provide value to your attendees then you are going to get the best results.