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NEW! Start Your Own Membership Within 7 Days! (10-part course reveals all…)

If you are looking for one of the best ways to generate consistent income online, you need to get a membership site going. The beauty of it is that they provide true hands free income, and they can be setup in under a week!

If you could get even 25 new members paying you a modest $19.95 per month as a result of these methods, just imagine how that would improve your quality of life. That is an extra $498.75 or an extra $5,985 per year! That is with only 25 members each month!

Imagine if you had 100 members, 200, or even 500 members which many have! Your potential income explodes. What if you charged more per month for your content? Just keep doing the math, and you can see how powerful this is!

Yes, there is some work involved like anything else, but you can’t beat the return on your time invested.

Inside this 10-part course you will get in depth training on all of the proven methods to get passive income from membership sites.

Module #1 – Introduction To Membership Income
Module #2 – Creating Your Content (Part 1)
Module #3 – Creating Your Content (Part 2)
Module #4 – Different Types of Membership Sites
Module #5 – Technical Side of Setting Up Your Membership Site
Module #6 – Technology For Membership Sites
Module #7 – Promoting Your Membership Site
Module #8 – Joint Venture Strategies
Module #9 – Membership Income Case Studies
Module #10 – Wrapping It All Up

Did you know you can even sell a brand new membership site for 12 times what is makes per month? You could build up membership sites with this training, and flip them for easy cash! How cool is this?

This is why my latest release Membership Income shows you how
to setup your own membership site from start to finish!




Just adding random affiliate links to your website isn’t going to be very profitable.  

Instead, you need a strategy! Luckily, I have some tried-and-tested strategies for you that still work in 2023 and I’m giving them away for FREE! 

And the best bit? They don’t require thousands of followers or millions of page views..!

Recently I took another course. I’m always a little skeptical before taking courses – will they really teach me content I can’t find easily online for free?

But I’d heard good things about Affiliate Marketing Superstars and I was struggling to get much traction with my affiliate links so I decided to try something different

FINALLY! A course which delivers! 

If you’re looking for an affiliate marketing course so you can start monetizing your blog effectively, then definitely check this one out! 

6 Reasons I love this course: 

  1. There are tried and proven ways to monetize your blog that don’t require millions of page views
  2. You can set it up once and make money on autopilot
  3. Its easy to use
  4. Its easy to implement
  5. It doesn’t take a lot of time
  6. It’s FREE!

In this course you will:

  • be able to discover the type of products you should be promoting for your ideal reader
  • Learn about the importance of keywords and how to use them to target to start finally seeing affiliate sale conversions
  • Learn how to structure your affiliate articles to help your reader with their goals,
  • Discover how write an engaging affiliate-focussed newsletter that you can repurpose so that it makes you money on autopilot
  • And Much More!

To get started go to the 5 Day Affiliate Marketing Course – it’s FREE!


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